Pamela McCarthy

Castlelyons Community Center, County Cork

“We were delighted to receive funding from the RISE Community Fund and National Broadband Ireland. This funding has been used to enhance and support broadband connectivity. As a small rural community broadband connectivity is essential and this funding has allowed us to improve our services. We were delighted to be chosen as a recipient and express our sincere gratitude to National Broadband Ireland and RISE Community Fund”.

Ronnie Dorney

Courtbrack Community Center, County Cork

“Funding is crucial to the ongoing success of our new Community Centre. Organisations like The Rise are so incredibly supportive of our efforts as a voluntary group, and their support and encouragement help keep our enthusiasm alive. Thanks to The Rise Foundation, we are now setting up online banking, and the maintenance of our new website is looked after for another 12 months. We are very grateful for their support”.

Imelda Mullen

The Cottage Market, County Cavan

“This grant from the RISE Community Fund and NBI makes a huge difference. We are hugely passionate about empowering our community and finding innovative ways to support small-scale growers, food producers, crafters and artists in the Cavan area, and with this grant funding we will be able to introduce some fantastic new initiatives to benefit our members”.

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Storm Piper O’Neill

Brockagh Resource Centre, County Wexford

“We are excited to receive this grant from the RISE Community Fund and NBI. As a small community, we work incredibly hard to raise money so that we can continue delivering a growing number of services, and this grant money is going to help us bring in new technology which is critical to our plans. We’re very excited to be able to put this money to good use.”

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Dave Jordan

The Ballycanew Ballyoughter Community Development Association, County Wexford.

“The Ballycanew Ballyoughter Community Development Association was delighted to receive funding from the RISE Community Fund, this funding will be used to add services to our FAB LAB. The FAB Lab was established to create a fun and creative way to Learn in the Community. We are delighted that thanks to RISE we can now add a 3D Scanner and extra 3D printer, which will not only benefit the wider community, but provide STEM Education to the Local Primary School which we facilitate on a Tuesday Morning. It is only when we work in Partnership can we achieve great things”.

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Declan Meehan

Ray Community Centre, County Donegal

“The support we received from RISE was central to expanding our programme of safe and accessible connectivity in our rural community. It allowed us to facilitate digital literacy training for older members of our community, which in turn has enhanced their experience of the digital landscape. We also provided online safety courses for young people and their parents to build confidence in their own use of the internet and to fully maximise their experience while remaining safe and responsible. This has all allowed us to develop our community centre as a digital hub which benefits everyone in the locality”.

Eoin Heverin

Foodie Save, Castlebar, County Mayo

“Foodie Save’s experience with RISE was fantastic! The funding we received was brilliant but there was so much more. The people we met from NBI and RISE and all the other recipients were all lovely and very engaging and helpful individuals. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of applying for the RISE grant to do so. You’ll be glad that you did.”

Fintan Mulligan

121 Digital, County Wicklow

“There can be a bad return on investment (of time & energy) applying for grant aid, if complicated and lengthy… and with no guarantee of success. RISE simplified the process and delivered its decision quickly. It is a pleasure working with RISE – they see the potential. The grant has already piqued interest in an organisation capable of running the 121digital program in 110 centres across Ireland”.

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Bernard Hayes

Neurology Support Centre, County Sligo

“We are delighted to receive this grant from the RISE Community Fund and NBI. With the help of the grant, we will be able to reach those who live in remote locations and make them feel part of our community. With a neurological condition, people can feel very isolated within themselves and from the community. With the help of the RISE Community Fund, we can reach more people who need our counselling services even if they are in remote areas.”

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Paul O'Neill

Island OrganiX

“Starting up and getting a business off the ground can be so tough in many ways, especially in rural communities. Organisations such as the “Rise Global Foundation” and “National Broadband Ireland” are so vital in giving rural businesses a financial helping hand and to give them with a reliable connection to the rest of the world. I felt I needed a bit of financial aid to get some new equipment so after a quick search online I came across the Rise Global Foundation, It was so easy to apply for and before I knew it I was awarded a €1000 grant. I have since bought a new camera for my media channels, a webcam for my zoom workshops and new lights for my MicroGreen room!”

Ruth Doherty

Cheshire Kerry

“We here at Cheshire Ireland Kerry found the process to be very clear, easy and concise. We will be using the funds granted to us to purchase Assistive Technology equipment such as Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Bluetooth Bulbs and smart WiFi Sockets. Through this wonderful grant from the RISE Community and NBI we will now be in a position to assist the people we support gain back some of the independence they lost. It is a fantastic opportunity for us.”