Our Mission

The RISE Global Foundation’s mission is to combine an entrepreneurial mindset with technology in rural communities to create jobs.

Connect. Empower. Promote.

Our Approach


Connect, Empower & Promote

RISE will connect, empower and promote people across rural communities, creating employment through entrepreneurial mindset and technology.


Bridge The Urban Rural divide

Giving rural communities access to all of the same advantages and opportunities that urban areas benefit from.


Forge Local Partnerships

Working in partnership with local communities and organizations with a shared vision for rural rejuvenation.


Make Lasting Impact

Engaging with policymakers, businesses and community leaders to create greater support for new businesses across rural Ireland.

The Rise Board

Tara Collins


Peter Hendrick


Ian Hyland

President & CEO, Catalyst Media Group

Tracy Keogh

Co-Founder, Grow Remote

Alexandra McCourt

Executive Director

David McCourt

Founder, RISE Global Foundation

Aidan McCullen

Host & Founder, Innovation Show

Anna Marie McHugh

General Secretary of the World Ploughing Organisation and Assistant Managing Director of the National Ploughing Association

Ray McMahon

Director & COO, Dilosk

Breege O’Donoghue

Primark Ambassador

Thomas P. O’Neill

Founder and CEO of O’Neill and Associates

W. David Scott

President & CEO, Tetrad Corporation

The Rise Team

Orla O’Malley

Program Director